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The delivery of the project was planned as a hybrid design-build with a 22-month schedule. The team experienced multiple delays as the project began and McKissack creatively mitigated them to deliver the project on-time.
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The first delay surrounded the lack of available parking and its impact on the community. District of Columbia Public Schools determined that the location of parking was to be changed to an underground parking structure for 64 cars. This program change initially delayed the completion date by two months. McKissack began the mitigation of delays by directing the breakdown of packages as well as the issuance of permits allowing other elements of the construction to move forward while the re-design was taking place. By phasing the early packages, McKissack was able to commence construction on time while the design and permitting of the underground structure took place. 

The second delay encountered was contaminated soils. Testing, removal, and replacement of structural fill delayed the project over two months. To mitigate this delay, McKissack instructed the use of a lean scheduling concept called “pull” scheduling and other creative scheduling solutions to bring the project back within the original schedule. Other scheduling concepts used were the addition of short interval scheduling concepts with daily updates, and twice-a-day daily huddles with the contractors. By implementing these strategies and facilitating/training the team to utilize these strategies we were able to complete the project on-time.

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