Pull Planning Methodology

During the management of the DCPS Modernization / Stabilization Program, pull planning methodology was employed to achieve the completion of multiple projects of differing size within an immovable time period.
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The implementation of projects of similar size and scope were analyzed together and a pull planning process was developed. Savings in time and effort were achieved, mainly by efficiently scheduling the procurement and delivery of construction material while minimizing the waiting periods for these items to be installed. Furthermore, developing daily and weekly meeting protocols that allowed project managers and foremen to plan and complete activities that advanced the critical path of the project was key to ensuring a successful completion.

The benefits achieved when implementing this methodology were seen in the following areas:

  • Constraints for tasks identified
  • Increased understanding of what is required to achieve the milestone—the whole picture versus just an individual’s piece
  • One-on-one issue resolution between subcontractors, eliminating wasted effort of rest of project team
  • Workflow becomes reliable
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