As the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) I am responsible to drive company growth and am ultimately responsible for ensuring a unified company approach to business development and marketing – from client relationships to top notch proposal quality. I am consistently looking internally and externally to find new pathways to grow the company.

MacKenzie Smith

Chief Growth Officer
With professional experience developed at the highest levels of government at the Obama White House and the boardrooms of commercial ventures, MacKenzie's specialty is addressing complex issues and implementing a strategic vision that is executed with a well-organized, well-structured, and well run, managed and operated team. Ms. Smith takes on every job with confidence; no issue or problem is intimidating – and always delivers practical, actionable information, while keeping an eye on the ultimate goal. Whether in meetings with global leaders or working on service projects with community members, clear communication, leadership, and compassionate abilities are on display.

B.A. Political Science, U.C. Davis, California

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