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Media Coverage
August 21, 2018

Q&A with McKissack's On-Site Intern

Nicole Macon
McKissack's Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Macon held a Q&A session with Colin Moore to learn more about his experience as a project management intern for McKissack. Colin shares what he has learned on site and how this experience is shaping his career goals.

Name: Colin Moore

University/School: Texas Woman’s University (TWU)

Major: Medical Technology

Hometown: DeSoto, TX

McKissack Department: Program & Construction Management

Project: Texas Woman's University, Hubbard Hall Renovation and New Addition

One fun fact about yourself: 

I obtained a Phlebotomy certification in high school so I am able to draw blood from individuals if need be.

How did you find out about the internship at McKissack?

I was seeking a new challenge in terms of interning and was able to consult with the Career Connections resource center [at TWU] in which I was notified of possible internships in the area.

What are some of your responsibilities as an intern? Tell me about some of the projects you’ve worked on during your internship.

As an intern I’ve worked on TWU Hubbard Hall Renovation and Addition project and am responsible for weekly project photos, RFI and Submittal management, Newforma management, and consulting with architects and other firms involved with the project.

What is something that surprised you or that you learned about working in the industry as an intern with McKissack?

Coming in with little to no experience I was most surprised about the amount of attention that goes into each and every task you perform. Whether it be the angle you capture a photo which may leave something out or the way you word key information in a submittal. Attention to detail will go a long way.

What has been your most memorable experience as an intern with McKissack?

Being able to observe the progression of the renovation of one of most memorable buildings on campus while also gaining knowledge on the amount of detail that goes into being a project manager.

How has your internship experience at McKissack shaped your career goals?

This internship provided a foundation for a career that I would have never thought I would be interested in. Despite having a science related education, I have started to lean more towards a project managing career with emphasis in construction of medical related projects such as hospitals or clinics.

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