MGM National Harbor required McKissack to manage the collection, storage, transmittal and security of all project data and information.

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MGM National Harbor required McKissack to manage the collection, storage, transmittal and security of all project data and information.
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The scope of responsibility covered all project information generated and flowing to and through MGM as owner with both a local and corporate presence in Nevada; McKissack as project manager; the Architect of Record including dozens of its subcontractors; third party permit reviewers for federal, state and local government entities and commissions; the general contractor and dozens of its subcontractors; testing and commissioning contractors; and an array of independent contractors and consultants.

Primary sources of information included: the Record Construction Drawings; Overall Design Specifications; Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) Specifications and Samples; Architectural Supplementary Information (ASIs); Requests for Information (RFIs); Contractor Submittals; Permit Revision Drawings and Reviews; 3rd Party Testing and Inspections; Diversity/Gaming Oversight Requirements; Contracts; Site Photos; and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Multiple software platforms were used to build and manage a range of databases.  The primary platforms included Aconex (overall record management), Newforma (field access), Timberline (financial/contracts), Bluebeam (PDF viewer), Revit (CAD/models).

A quality management approach known as the Baldrige High Performance Program method guided the generation and control of management policies and procedures to ensure the accuracy, efficiency, and security of all proprietary project information and systems. Project policies and procedures for information systems and document control were drafted based on the key factors of the project including cost and fast track schedule mandates, owner control and oversight, diversity targets, etc.  

Next, a senior engineering manager with a background as a National Baldrige examiner was brought in to assume ownership and oversee execution of all information and document control policies and procedures.   In-house, tailored, progressive training was ordered and conducted by vendor representatives for the software platforms with the training approach organized on a corporate and one-on-one basis according to group and individual project responsibilities.  

With learning cycles ongoing, focus then quickly evolved to the alignment of the procedures themselves to avoid duplication and ultimately to integrate information policies and procedures with other program management tasks for a more systemic impact on project quality, cost and timing.  Such a focus ultimately unified all participating companies and individuals around a complete, accessible, constantly updated, accurate set of record drawings, specifications, schedules, etc. whereby real time status reports and logs were generated with precision, on-demand.

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