National Institute of Standards and Technology

McKissack provided program and construction management support services to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
The Advanced Measurement Laboratory (AML) was constructed utilizing superior vibration, temperature and humidity control, and air cleanliness criteria that will enhance NIST's ability to provide the United States industry and science with the best measurements and standards in the world. Some of the technical novelties of the AML include: temperature control of ± 0.25 degree Celsius with specialized labs; HEPA filtered air to provide air cleanliness so dust/stray particles will not foul measurements on atomic-scale devices; special Class 100 clean room wing that provides air cleanliness needed for sensitive research; and humidity control to provide variations of no more than 1% in specialized areas and 5% throughout the rest of the facility.


Gaithersburg, Maryland


National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Program & Construction Management



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