Barry Farm

McKissack & McKissack is revitalizing the post-Civil War African-American community that led economic growth and development in the Southeast section of Washington, D.C.
The Barry Farm neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C. is east of the Anacostia River between the Southeast Freeway and St. Elizabeths Hospital. In 1867, the Freedman's Bureau bought a 375-acre farm from white landowners David and Julia Barry to establish a community of formerly enslaved and free-born African Americans. Redevelopment plans involve demolishing the 432 public housing units on the site and the 12-unit Wade Apartments to replace them with up to 1,400 mixed-income residential units, 50,000 SF of retail and commercial space and 80,000 SF of green space. McKissack is providing comprehensive infrastructure project management preconstruction services including: assisting with managing day-to-day infrastructure-related preconstruction activities; construction management; advising on the scope, schedule, budget, permitting, and providing design reviews to ensure quality of work developed by the engineer; and working with the civil engineer and project stakeholders to identify issues that require owner input and decisions.


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Barry Farm

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