McMillan Reservoir Stormwater Storage Facility

McKissack & McKissack served as engineer of record to provide design and construction management services for the McMillan Reservoir Stormwater Storage Facility. Engineering News-Record gave the McMillan Reservoir facility a 2015 Best Projects award in the Water / Environment category.
McKissack’s design services mitigated consistent flooding and sewage backups in the historic district of Washington, D.C. The Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park neighborhoods were developed in the early 1900s and their outdated sewer systems no longer accommodated demand from the growing population, causing  flooding and basement backups during rainstorms. The stormwater management  project involved using two existing abandoned underground filtration tanks at the McMillan Reservoir site to store stormwater during intense rainfall events, which would mitigate flooding in the downstream Bloomingdale neighborhood. Structures with sluice gates and diversion sewers were designed to divert water flow from the First and North Capitol Streets trunk sewers to these tanks. The flooding controls employed numerous green infrastructure strategies, including bioswales, infiltration trenches, rain gardens and interconnected planting beds. McKissack served as the engineer of record and provided design and construction management services for this design-build  project.


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2015 Best Water/Environment Project: McMillan Stormwater Storage, Engineering News-Record MidAtlantic


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